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Distribution controls: 5 good reasons to start!

For many retailers print advertising represents the biggest chunk of their media budget. In 2014 in Europe more than 110 bn copies of print advertising were distributed at a total cost of almost 4 bn euros! Consequently, distribution controls constitute a natural move for deciders who’ve got more than a few reasons to start. Here are the 5 main reasons!

Well distributed catalogues

Before we start analyzing the 5 “good reasons” mentioned above, let’s start with a quick definition of what we are talking about. Distribution control answers the following question: now that I know where and how many catalogues I must distribute, am I sure that they are going to be well distributed?

But distribution control is not just a description of a precise moment, it’s a procedure that enables professionals to improve and guide quality over time. Many solutions exist: the on-the-spot-control (to be aware of all the details that cause problems); the web panel (to follow evolutions in a barometrical way), and the telephone (to make a first analysis and then target corrective actions)… Solutions have progressed and take into account the latest technological innovations and adapt to the problems of each retailer.

5 reasons to make distribution controls

Now that you have seen what all this is about and how to deal with it, let’s get back to the very heart of the subject: the 5 best reasons to make effective distribution controls.

1/ Distribution control enables media investment optimization

Printing and distributing catalogues requires a substantial budget, so it’s therefore natural to look for a way to optimize this outlay. Consequently, by affiliating the distributor to the procedure the extra control you get will not only enable you to correct problems immediately but also improve quality over time. Ultimately, your campaigns will benefit from it.

2/ Distribution control increases the number of visits to a point of sale

More visits, higher turnover! Print advertising correctly delivered to selected mailboxes helps to maintain a regular number of visits into the points of sale and therefore boost turnover.

3 /Distribution control helps to identify geographical areas and points of sale where distributing problems exist

The quality of the distribution of printed advertisement naturally varies from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city. Distribution control means any problems can be identified before they become ingrained. Distribution control also leads to the distributor implementing long-term corrective actions in order to improve quality.

4/ Distribution control means it’s possible to check if the delivery days of the printed advertisements are in line with commercial operations.

Any time lag between the distribution of printed advertisements and the days scheduled with the distributor can have a huge impact on the success of a commercial operation. Too late, too early? Distribution control means it’s possible to make sure printed advertising is delivered at the right time and doesn’t frustrate consumers.

5/ Distribution control allows you to eliminate on the spot anything that can affect your image

A printed advertisement is a retailer’s image. If it is torn, wet or dumped on the ground it’s not only a waste of money (it’s not read, so it won’t bring anything), but it will also affect your image.

If you wish to set up a distribution control procedure don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s one of the specialties of the CoSpirit team!